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Are you struggling to understand how to do business with Government?

Does responding to Government Requests for Proposals leave you feeling frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed?


Did you know that every Request for Proposal is won way before it is ever published?


Or that there are proposal evaluators who do not read your entire proposal response and yet they still score it?


Government Tenders Don’t Suck! is a no-nonsense playbook for the overwhelmed small business manager who wants to navigate the complicated government tendering process and win.


Learn practical strategies and techniques for doing business with the government. The book is well-structured for easy navigation and packed with valuable advice. Even so, it is written in a conversational, fireside-chat style to keep it relatable.


Small business entrepreneurs and many others who want to win government business have already experienced great success by implementing the tips and tricks in this book of secrets.



Monica Rubombora

What you will discover in the book...

The book is a comprehensive guide for business development and RFP. It has been designed to help you—the “little gal and guy”:

  • Avoiding Common Mistakes

    Avoid common pitfalls and make the most of your business understanding, skills, and experience to purposefully win profitable Government Contracts.

  • Responding to Tenders

    Figure out how to respond to government tenders without losing your mind, even when your resources are constrained, or you have a few prior assets that can demonstrate a successful track record.

  • Competing Efficiently

    Compete for business through structured and meaningful written responses to solicitations from potential government clients.


  • Managing Tenders

    Manage tender response operations on shoestring budgets through time-saving tools and templates you can rinse and reuse.



Download the Free Resource Library!

In it, you’ll discover:

  • How to start the research on your opportunity early
  • How to create a comprehensive proposal
  • How to make sure we address crucial client requests in the proposal
  • A professionally structured proposal writing template

About Monica..


Monica Rubombora has almost two decades’ worth of extensive work experience in the banking, insurance, government, management consulting and technology industries.


She has been on both sides of the aisle: in the government civil service, she worked as a Deputy Director General, leading a team of almost 200 government officials to manage and operate the largest Government Procurement Shared Service Agency in South Africa. She evaluated and awarded hundreds of tenders on behalf of the government.


She was a Managing Director in the Public Sector business of Accenture, South Africa, which is one of the world’s biggest global technology and management consulting firms where she led teams to bid for, win and manage large-scale government contracts. During this period, she worked with clients in South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria, Kenya, and the Asia-Pacific region.


Today she runs her own business and technology consulting company with the government as one of the anchor clients. She has partnered with both big and small companies to bid for, win and deliver large-scale projects. She has also competed with these same corporate Goliaths to tender for and win government contracts.


Part of her work involves working on the side of government agencies to identify and define business requirements, document Terms of Reference, solicit external service and manage vendor contracts on behalf of the government. She also plays an advisory role in bid evaluation and adjudication committees.


Monica has a deep understanding of the challenges that many small businesses face when they have to pursue government business. She is keenly aware of the resource, time constraints and the sense of overwhelm that threatens to engulf small companies as they work with this complex government industry, each waking day.


As a business owner, Monica shares every small business owner’s aspiration of growing profitably and leaving impactful footprints in the communities within which they operate. Most of all, she shares each small business owner’s desire to WIN!


Monica writes because she loves to share her knowledge with the world, inspiring hope and a way forward, one person at a time. She is an influential voice on leadership, mentorship entrepreneurship, government, and mindset change. She is an avid bookworm and enjoys doing philanthropy and community upliftment work.


Married with two adult children, Monica lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

What are they saying about the book?

“Monica unpacks a complex process in a clear, step-by-step way, walking her readers through every facet of tenders. A must-read handbook for any entrepreneur who wants to do business with government agencies!"

Nadine con Moltke-Todd

Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur South Africa

“The author has walked this path before and shares her knowledge. It is an excellent book! I've learned some great things from it!"

CEO, A Global Firm, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Many will benefit from your deep insight and learning about the required professional methods to win deals in this very difficult business sector."

Claas Kuehnemann

Managing Partner, Vevey, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland

“The author's own personality rings throughout this book which is delightful and surprisingly fun. Anyone interested in winning government business definitely needs to read this book of secrets!"

Qat Wanders

Bestselling Author, Speaker and Editor; Wandering Words Media, USA

“Professional sports teams never show up at a game without a prepared game plan. You should not submit your RFP without a professional game plan, and Monica is one of the best. Create a professional RFP and win that business!"

Ray Brehm

Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur; Founder of Dauntless


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Monica Rubombora

Monica is highly sought after consultant for government contracts.

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